Consumption of Sitaphal is very beneficial for health


Sharifa fruit (Sitaphal) is very hard from outside but very soft from inside. It is also used to make many types of sweet dishes and ice-creams. Custard apple is rich in calcium, magnesium, fiber with a variety of nutrients. Not only this, but Sharifa leaves are also used to make Yunani medicine. So let’s know the benefits of Sharifa… ..

To prevent asthma attack – A large amount of vitamin B6 is found in the custard apple, which completely helps in protecting against asthma attack.

In diseases related to heart – The potassium, magnesium present in the custard, is very beneficial in relieving severe heart diseases. Heart patients must consume sharifes regularly.

To increase the light of the eyes – Custard apple contains vitamin A, vitamin C and riboflavin. Which proves to be extremely helpful in increasing eye light.

For pregnant women – It is also very beneficial for pregnant women due to the copper and iron in the custard. Due to its use, the troubles in pregnancy are reduced to a great extent.

To overcome the problem of constipation – Fiber is found in plenty in the custard apple, which removes the problem of constipation and makes the digestive system very strong.

To overcome anemia – Iron and copper present in Sharifa are very helpful in removing anemia in the body.

To reduce blood pressure – Sharif intake is also highly beneficial for diabetic patients along with reducing blood pressure.

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