Contact lens in the eye will reveal the sugar level of your tears


The day is not far when the contact lens applied in the eyes will also tell about your health. A team of researchers, including an Indian, have devised a way to connect devices implanted in the body to smartphones.

This technology, called Interscatter, converts the Bluetooth signal into a WiFi signal. Professor of the US University of Washington said, “Connectivity between implanted devices will change the way we deal with critical illnesses.

For example, a contact lens placed in the eye of a diabetic person will be able to detect the sugar level in his / her tears. This level of sugar from contact lenses will be available to the person’s smartphone.

He said that similarly, in a disease like Parkinson’s, devices installed in the brain can be helpful in dealing with this disease. It may even be possible in future to make the organs workable again with the help of these devices.

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