Corona Outbreak: Corona may persist for a long time

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New York: Novel coronavirus responsible for Covid-19 can cause long-term headaches for people in the world. However, experts are predicting that this will be no more than symptoms like common cold and cough for the people within the next decade. University of Utah (University of Utah) ‘S team, including Fred Adler, has said that this potential future has been predicted by mathematical models, which include things learned from the current epidemic as to how our body’s immunity changes over time. Corona Update: 2.40 lakh new cases of corona in India, 3,741 patients died

Adler said, the severity of Kovid-19 may decrease over the next decade, as the population will collectively develop immunity. The findings, published in the journal Virus, suggest that changes in the disease may be driven by adaptation to our immune response rather than by changes in the virus.

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However SARS-COV-2 (sometimes the deadly coronavirus, which causes covid-19) is the most well-known member of the virus family that other seasonal coronaviruses transmit in human populations.

However, some evidence all indicates that this type of flu in relation to cold symptoms such as the virus can be serious at times, which gave rise to the Russian flu pandemic in the late 19th century.

To test this idea, they built mathematical models based on some data from current epidemics incorporating evidence on the body’s immune response to SARS-COV-2. Adler said, our next step is comparing the predictions of our model with the most current disease data to assess which direction the epidemic is heading.

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