Corresponding AYUSH experts will be able to get free advice from home, call these numbers

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The entire country is currently fighting the Corona epidemic. Whether it is the Central Government or the State Governments or the common citizens of the country, all are engaged in defeating the Corona according to their ability. In this sequence, the Ministry of AYUSH has come forward from time to time in fighting the epidemic and once again the Ministry of AYUSH has started a new campaign.

Launched Community Assistance Helpline:

This time the Ministry of AYUSH has started a dedicated community assistance helpline. Through this, Ayush based measures will be told to solve the challenges of Kovid-19. This helpline has started in the entire country and will be open from six in the morning to midnight on all seven days of the week.

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Experts will solve the problems:

Let us tell you, the toll-free number of the helpline is 14443. Through the helpline, experts in various disciplines of AYUSH, such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani and Siddha, will be available to solve the problems of the people. These experts will not only tell the counseling and useful treatment of the patient, but they will also give information about the nearest AYUSH centers.

Non-governmental organization is doing project step-one cooperation:

Experts will advise patients recovering from Kovid-19 to resume daily work and take care of themselves. This helpline is based on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and is available in Hindi and English languages. Soon other languages ​​will also be added to it. The helpline can take 100 calls at a time. In view of the need, its capacity will be increased. Through the helpline, the effort of the Ministry of AYUSH is to limit the spread of Kovid-19 across the country. Non-governmental organization Project Step-One is supporting his effort.

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Ayush therapy is effective and affordable:

It is noteworthy that the Ayush system is the oldest medical system and even today people use it. It has been used for health and healing. It has now been formally recognized in the country. The use of these systems has increased during the current epidemic, as they strengthen the body’s immune system. Ayush system is effective, safe, easily available and affordable.

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Kovid-19 is also effective in treatment:

Ayush therapy has been found effective in treating Kovid-19. In addition, its therapeutic potential was also investigated, based on which two effective prescriptions made from several herbs came out. The first recipe AYUSH-64 was developed by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences and the second was the Kabasur Kudinir recipe with proven system. Both these remedies have been found to be effective in mild and less severe cases of Kovid-19. The Ministry of AYUSH is promoting these medicines, so that the common people can get the benefit.

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