Happy Mother's Day 2021 Wishes: Daughter fulfills mother's dream!  Such is the gift of 'Motherhood Day' to the world!

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Happy Mother’s Day 2021 Wishes: Mother’s relationship in this mortal world is considered paramount and sacred in all relationships. It is not called God as God, because without Mother the concept of creation would be meaningless. Today we are celebrating ‘Motherhood Day’ dedicated to mother, a symbol of motherhood, sacrifice and dedication. But do you know when and how the foundation of this holy day was laid? If not, then in this context, know an interesting and inspiring true story. Also Read: Mother’s Day 2021 Hindi Wishes: Make Your Mother A Special Feel With These Love Quotes, Facebook Messages, GIF Greetings, HD Images On Mother’s Day

Mother woven a dream for mothers!

In the year 1858, Maria Jarvis Methodist Episcopal Church of Philodelphia of America organized a ‘Mother’s Day Network Organization’. The aim was to reduce high infant mortality and child mortality. The main reason for this was a disease spread in his area Grafton, West Virginia. She wanted to see a special day of the year dedicated to her mother’s name. It is said that he spent his whole life in convincing women that they should take better care of their children. She also wanted that the work of mothers in the world should also be praised. Jarvis once said that I hope that I live or not, one day mothers will definitely be devoted. But his desire got buried in his heart. Maria Jarvis died suddenly in 1905.

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Could the daughter fulfill her mother’s dream?

Jarvis had 13 children, but only 4 could reach the age of adult. One of them had a daughter, Ana Jarvis. Ana loved her mother very much. He never married to see his mother happy. Ana vows to fulfill her mother’s dream. Ana holds a memorial in memory of her mother at St. Edreuse’s Church. Ana Jarvis was a community organizer. She started Mother’s World Day Club in memory of her mother. The sole purpose of starting this club was to teach common women how to take proper care of their children, and how to give them a healthy life. In fact, she wanted to make her mother’s dream come true.

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US government rejected Anna’s proposal

Ana Jarvis started a campaign to organize Mother’s Day as an official Holi-Day, although her journey was not easy. In 1908, the then US government rejected the proposal to declare Ana Jarvis’ Mother’s Day ‘as official Holi Day, saying that if Anna Jarvis’ proposal was accepted, some people would accept Mother-in-Law Day tomorrow. Will start demanding for

Ana was not disappointed by the US government’s apparent denial of her proposal. He continued trying on his behalf. His campaign continued uncontested. Finally in 1914, the then American President Woodrow Wilson (WOODROW WILSON) passed a law honoring all mothers in the world, stating that Mother’s Day would be celebrated on this day, declaring the second Sunday of May a national holiday.

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In this way, the success of Ana Jarvis, who honors all the mothers of the world, was successful in realizing this Bhagiratha effort after seven years. For Anna, this success was a tearful tribute to her mother. Since then, International Maternity Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in about 50 countries of the world. Rajesh Srivastava


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