Depression occurs due to these mines


It is generally believed that increasing worries in your life are the cause of depression, but did you know that your diet also affects not only your physical but mental health as well. So let’s know about some such foods, whose intake increases the risk of depression in you –

Even though carbohydrate is found in rice that makes you feel energetic, but it is simple carbohydrate, due to which it is spent quickly. Not only this, when you consume it excessively, then there is a lethargy inside you and there is a risk of getting depressed by frequent consumption.

Processed meat affects your immune system, and frequent consumption leads to depression.

Processed food
Processed foods such as cereals and pasta not only cause mood swings, but excessive intake of them also causes symptoms of depression in you.

Other foods
Apart from this, bread, alcohol, caffeine, fried foods, tofu and artificial sweetener are also caused by causing depression in you.

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