Dieting can make you very ill


In the modern era, every girl wants to see herself in perfect figure and to fulfill this desire she sometimes resort to dieting. Dieting is considered right to some extent, but usually doing so is very harmful for your health. So let’s know about its harmful effects-

  • When you go dieting, your immune system weakens. Also, the brain does not get the required nutrients, its functioning is affected. It also increases the risk of depression.
  • At the same time, carbohydrate, protein and fat are very important for better health. These are the main sources of energy for the body. But during diet, their balance in your body deteriorates. In such a situation, not only your physical, but mental health is also affected.
  • It is often seen that women who are dieting are always dull, irritable. He does not mind in any work. Therefore, do diet planning according to your health needs, in which all the nutrients are in balanced amounts. Remember that diet planning is a better concept than dieting.
  • You may be surprised to know, but the problem of depression due to a mess in food increases the chances of depression.

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