Dieting should not make you weak


Underweight girl choosing between cake and salad, healthy vs high-calorie food

In the present time every girl has joined a strange race to bring herself to the perfect shape. For this, they are resorting to exercise from dieting. Actually dieting is not the solution to any problem. Rather, you harm yourself because doing so causes a deficiency of nutrients in your body. Even if you drop your weight fast by dieting, it causes great harm to your health. So let’s know about the harm from dieting-

  • When you are dieting, your weight drops very quickly, but later again you gain weight twice as fast. Therefore, your diet plan should be such that you can follow it very easily for a long time and reduce your weight as well as maintain it.
  • The biggest disadvantage of dieting is that people do not know about it and they stop eating at all because of being thin. By doing this, there is lack of nutrients in their body, as well as the body does not get the energy required to work and this affects your entire lifestyle.

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