Discussion of Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Cylinders and Nebulizer Machines among Corona epidemic, know what is the difference between them

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Corona Pandemic is struggling badly with the second wave of pandemonium. The second wave of Kovid-19 is more dangerous than the first and it can be estimated from this that the news of more deaths is coming out this time. According to data received from the Union Health Ministry on Wednesday morning, 2,01,187 people have died due to Corona virus so far across the country. This time more and more patients are being admitted to hospitals in critical condition and they are in need of oxygen. However, we all know about oxygen but very few people know what medakill oxygen is. Why do patients with respiratory diseases or other infections have to give oxygen when they have difficulty in breathing? You must have heard about Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Cylinder and Nebulizer Machines (Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Cylinders and Nebulizer Machines). Also Read- Home Isolation: Are You Getting Home Isolated? Learn how to isolate room and how to treat covid patient?

Although it is a bit confusing, but all these medical aids work differently for the patients suffering from respiratory disease. Let’s know what is the difference between oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinder and nebulizer machine.

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What is Medkill Oxygen?

Naturally, oxygen is present in the atmosphere. This is the air that people with healthy lungs can easily take. This is the air that healthy lung people can easily take, but as soon as a patient is affected by coronavirus or other respiratory disease, it affects their lungs and makes it difficult to take oxygen directly from the atmosphere. In such a situation, patients may need medical oxygen. It was also involved in urgent medical need by the World Health Organization (WHO). Medical oxygen is similar to medicine, which is given by doctors only on prescription. There is a process of preparing medical oxygen in the plant. During this time, only oxygen is removed from the various gases in the air as oxygen is only 21 percent of the air in addition to other gases and dust. In this way, the human system only takes oxygen, which makes it easier for the lungs. This oxygen is separated into its purest form by the Air Separation Technology for the patient.

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What is an oxygen concentrator and how does it work?

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that separates oxygen from air. Actually, many types of gases are present in the air in our atmosphere and this concentrator accepts the air from which other gases separate and supply pure oxygen. According to a 2015 report by the World Health Organization, the hospital was created to help patients with respiratory diseases admitted to hospitals and to supply them with continuous oxygen. They can produce oxygen seven days a week, twenty four hours and continuously for five years or longer. It can supply five to ten liters of oxygen in one minute. The most important thing is that like oxygen cylinder it does not need to be refilled repeatedly and if there is no electricity then it can be run with the help of inverters.

What is an oxygen cylinder?

It is filled in a large size tanker for easy use of medical oxygen in hospitals. In a hospital, it is connected to a pipe that reaches patients, but not every hospital has this facility. For this reason, such cylinders are made only for some hospitals. These cylinders are filled with oxygen and are placed in the patient’s bedside for easy access.

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What is a nebulizer machine?

The nebulizer is the most effective method of delivering respiratory medications to patients and children with respiratory diseases. Doctors recommend a nebulizer for children when the child has a severe cold, due to which the child does not sleep at night or feels discomfort while breathing. Drugs are penetrated by steam or mist under the nebulizer. To get immediate relief from asthma and other respiratory symptoms, one can get nebulizer treatment on the advice of a doctor. This breathing treatment is known as nebulized therapy. The nebulizer is the effective process of receiving the treatment of drugs.

(This article is written for an informational purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Be sure to consult your doctor before trying any tips.)



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