Symptoms of these diseases are hidden in the color of urine


Most people do not pay much attention to urin (urine), but the truth is that the whole secret of your health is completely hidden in the color of urine.

This simply means that when your health fluctuates a lot, then the color of your urine also changes a lot. We are telling you how you can fully assess your health with the color of urine.

Clear or light yellow color (light yellow)

The light yellow color of urine indicates our right health. It means you are fit and fine. Apart from this, if the urine is completely clean then you are well hydrated. Meaning your body is doing well as per need.

Yellow color

The color of urine yellow indicates that your body is not hydrated. In addition, excessive sweating is due to low hydration. This shows that you are consuming a large amount of liquid.

Dark yellow / brown

If you are using excessive medicines daily, then the color of your urine will change completely to dark yellow or brown. Such a color also explains the problem of levers. By the way, most of such color is only due to high intake of medicines.

Milky White

The changing of urine to milky white shows the fact that the penetration of bacteria is increasing in the path of your urine. If you know this, you can also consult a doctor immediately.


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