Now distinguish between real and fake eggs, keep in mind these things


Nowadays there is a lot of news related to the presence of fake plastic eggs in the market. Earlier in October 2016, it was also reported that these fake eggs are selling a lot in Kerala markets. Many people are also calling them ‘Chinese eggs’. If eating these eggs will not make you health, on the contrary there can be a lot of damage. Let us know how these eggs are made and how to distinguish between real and fake-

How to make plastic egg
Sodium alginate is mixed with hot water and then in this mixture, gelatin, alum and benzoic are added in a certain proportion. Simulated egg is prepared from this mixture. This mixture is used to make both the yellow and white parts of the egg. For the yellow part, just a little yellow color is added to the mixture. Calcium chloride is also used to make egg shells.

Identify the difference between real and fake

The real and fake eggs look alike. Seeing the difference between these two is very difficult to tell. We are telling you some easy ways, with the help of which you can identify real and fake eggs.

– The fake egg rind is slightly hard. It is also slightly coarser than real eggs. In addition, there is a rubber lining inside the peel.

– If you lightly pat a fake egg, the sound you will hear will be slightly less than that of the real egg.

– If you break the egg and leave it for some time, the egg white and yellow liquid will mix with each other in some time. This is because they are both made of the same substance.

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– Fake eggs do not submerge in water even when cooked. Even if you leave them out in the open for several days, even then there will be neither flies nor ants that will attract them.

– When you fry the fake egg, the egg yolk (yellow part) will spread without touching it. Usually, when you fry a real egg, its yellow part remains intact even after putting it in the pan. It does not spread until you touch it.