Do not forget to eat these things even during pregnancy, the child can be harmed!


During pregnancy, all women take special care of their health and food. During this time, family members also try to feed the pregnant woman with the best food so that the baby is healthy.

But, do you know that one of your mistakes can be dangerous for your health or your unborn child. Some people do not even know and consuming the wrong things also causes them to become miscarriage, so it is very important to know about it before eating anything. Let us tell you what you should not consume during pregnancy.

Raw Egg: Many people eat raw egg for health, but you hardly know that consuming it during pregnancy can have many adverse effects. Actually, eggs contain Salmonella bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. During pregnancy, the immunity of women is weakened, so eating raw eggs can make them prone to food poisoning.

Alcohol: According to researchers, alcohol contains many things that can affect the development of an unborn child. Even experts claim that a single drop of alcohol during pregnancy can affect a child.

Raw Papaya: Papaya is considered to be very good for health, but during pregnancy it is not free from danger. Because in pregnancy, eating papaya is at risk of miscarriage.

Excess salt: During pregnancy, excessive salt should also be avoided. Although in general, doctors also recommend eating less salt. This increases the risk of heart diseases, but not only increases blood pressure in pregnancy, but also swells in face, hands and feet.

Chinese food: Chinese food contains monosodium gumlate, which is harmful to the development of the unborn child. Because of this, at times, birth defects are seen in children. There is also a lot of salt in the soy sauce present in it, which can cause high blood pressure.

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