Do not sleep till late at night, then do this yoga before sleeping


Staying healthy in modern times is nothing short of a challenge. For this, balanced and regular diet, workouts as well as complete sleep are necessary. If care is taken at all, health is affected. Experts believe that to stay healthy, one must sleep at least 6 hours daily. If a person sleeps less than this then his mental and physical health starts deteriorating. This can lead to many types of diseases, among which insomnia, irritability and anemia are prominent. Tension and mobile scrolling are the major causes of waking up late at night. For this, put your mobile in flight mode two hours before bedtime. You can also use yoga to overcome this problem. There are many Yogasanas, which are done by getting quick and good sleep at night. If you do not know, then let us know-

Do congruency

This yoga is also called leg-up the wall pose. Performing Sarvangasana before going to bed at night helps to sleep quickly. For this, you have to raise your feet with the help of the wall. Repeat this pose for a while. It is said that at the time of Sarvangasana one should focus his attention on the breath. Wrinkles also disappear with this yoga.

Take pleasure

This is a meditation posture, in which one has to concentrate his mind and brain at some point by sitting in a meditation posture. By doing this yoga, mental tension is removed, which leads to good sleep. For this, before sleeping at night, sit in meditation posture on the bed and then take long breaths and then stop breathing. Do this yoga according to your ability.

Take a breath

The literal meaning of this yoga is to lie down like a corpse. This yoga involves lying on the back. After this, you have to close your eyes and focus on your breath. Doing this yoga eliminates fatigue. While insomnia, dementia, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes etc. it is also effective in diseases.

Disclaimer: Story tips and suggestions are for general information. Do not take these as the advice of any doctor or medical professional. In the case of symptoms of illness or infection, consult a doctor.



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