Do these 5 tips on Saturday  Special blessings of Mother Lakshmi will rain!  Will get relief from sickness and poverty

Lord Shani (File Photo)

There is a popular belief in the context of Shani that he hurts people. Their shadow is disgusting. The person who gets angry gets a half-century or Mahadasha. In astrology, Shani has been described as the god of justice. They give people fruits according to their deeds. It is very difficult to please them, but do you know that in whose horoscope Saturn is made auspicious, it gets success in every task, wealth and prestige in the society. According to astrology, by doing some remedies on Saturday, not only does you get happiness and peace, but Goddess Lakshmi will reside at your house. Let’s find out what those measures are.

To get the proper results of hard work

Those who despite hard work are not getting the desired fruits, are constantly losing business, the disease is also troubling, in such a situation, after bathing on Saturday, meditate on Lord Shani and apply oil in the body. Massage. By doing this, along with getting rid of diseases, you also get desired results.

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To get rid of economic problems

Despite all the efforts, if there are obstacles in your financial work. The job seems to be in trouble, if there is a fear of theft all the time, then there is an accurate solution to get rid of it. At the time of worship in the house on five Saturdays, regularly read Hanuman Chalisa. If there is a temple near the house, then go barefoot and see Hanuman ji. Apart from this, make a ring made of old nail on the boat and wear it on Saturday. All your financial problems will disappear.

For happiness, peace and happiness at home

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Financial crisis is going on at home. If money is coming, but you are going to diseases, then after bathing on Saturday, offer water mixed with iron, jaggery, sesame, ghee and raw milk in an iron pot. Do this continuously for at least 20 or 40 Saturdays. By doing this, the special blessings of Mother Lakshmi showers, and the happiness, peace and prosperity returned from home comes back again.

To get rid of Rahu Ketu

If Rahu-Ketu’s condition is overshadowing any member of the house. On Saturday, put a small black colored stone in sesame oil and remove it 7 times on top of the member, on which the condition of Rahu-Ketu is said to be heavy. Put this black stone outside the house in a burning fire. After a few hours when the fire cools down, put that stone in a waterless well (dry well). It is believed that by doing this, you get rid of Rahu-Ketu’s condition.

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For blockages coming to the money stream

Despite many efforts, there are obstacles in Dhanagam, after bathing and meditating on Saturday, tie a gold or silver coin in a red cloth and keep it in a beautiful clay vase and then fill it up with wheat or rice and cover it with a big lamp. Give it. Place it in the northwest corner of the house. Soon you will start having relative success. All the obstructions in Dhanagam will be removed.


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