Do this work before eating food, otherwise it can be a big loss


There are some values ​​that have been taught to us since childhood. We always wash hands before eating anything.

But do you know that just washing hands with water does not prevent germs from our hands, so it is important that hands must be washed with soap before eating. So that the germ on it can be completely destroyed.

Today we tell you what diseases you can avoid with hand wash.

Complaints of diarrhea are very common in children. Even if you do not wash your hands properly before eating food, you can face this disease a lot because it is connected to the digestive system.

Eating food without washing your hands can also cause throat infection. Apart from this, there are also complaints of phlegm and rash.

If you eat food with dirty hands, then it also affects digestion. If digestion is not good, diarrhea, constipation, stomachache and gas troubles also occur.

Eating food with dirty hands also causes food infection. Throughout the day, we touch many things, due to which many such germs stick in the hands. This greatly increases the risk of food infection.


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