Do you even ignore these symptoms in cold


You also know that the cold is now in full swing. With the onset of snowfall in the mountains, the melting cold has started in the plains as well. In such a slight negligence can sometimes cause danger. Symptoms start appearing within minutes of freezing. If the cold is felt in a tremendous way, it can lead to death, so remember never forget to ignore the cold.

Symptoms of cold are very common, but there is no delay in getting serious. Let us tell you what are the symptoms of cold and what is its native treatment. However, one should not rely on indigenous treatment at home. The doctor must be seen. Indigenous treatment is because in emergency it makes the body warm from inside and the patient feels some relief.

Loose motion and unbearable abdominal cramps

The first symptom of cold is that the pain starts with a stomach cramp which reaches its peak with loose motion. Not only this, feeling or vomiting is also a symptom. This pain arises suddenly while being normal. The pain is so severe at times that it does not cure even after taking the medicine and the medicine comes out with vomiting. Whenever you see such a situation, understand that you have a cold and it is time to see a doctor immediately.

Cold with fever

This happens when the cold lightly touches the body. Symptoms of running nose with fever and severe body pain. One should take rest by giving fever medicine. Also, taking steam in the event of a cold is also very beneficial. It will be necessary to see a doctor in such a situation because sometimes it also goes viral.

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Chest pain and difficulty in breathing

Sometimes, due to cold, there is also a feeling of chest heaviness and difficulty in breathing. Stiffness in the hands and feet is also seen. Dizziness and vomiting with severe headache, everything starts simultaneously. In such a situation, see a doctor in emergency without thinking because this is the most serious result of a cold that your body is experiencing. Those people who have asthma or bronchitis should take special care in their cold. Asthma patients should always carry their inhaler.


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