(You would not know, these benefits of drinking cumin water)


Cumin and jaggery are used in every Indian kitchen. While cumin enhances the taste of food, the sweetness of jaggery greatly enhances the taste of sweet dishes. But do you know that the water of jaggery and cumin protects us from many serious diseases. If not, today we will tell you about the important benefits of this water.

Drink jaggery water in this way

Mix 1 teaspoon jaggery and 1 teaspoon cumin in 2 cups of water in a pot and boil it well. Then when lukewarm drink this water.

Intake mode

Drink one cup of this water every morning before dinner.

1. beneficial in anemia
Start drinking jaggery and cumin seeds in case of severe anemia. By drinking this water daily, within a few days the impurities present in the blood will be completely removed and anemia will also be relieved.

2. Relief from Headache
If you are troubled by a headache, drink jiggery and cumin water. You will benefit immensely by drinking this water continuously.

3. Strengthen the immune system
Let me tell you that cumin and jaggery water are full of natural properties, which works to relieve serious problems like constipation, gas and stomach pain. To strengthen the immune system, start drinking 1 glass of cumin and jaggery water in the morning.

4. treatment of back pain
At present, many people are troubled by the serious problem of back pain. Drinking water with jaggery and cumin will solve your serious problem in a few days.


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