Drinking water from a plastic bottle is harmful for health


  • Generally, people use water bottles a lot to drink water. And we often drink water from the bottle while going out of the house or even at home. But if you are pregnant then this habit can be very heavy on your health. A recent research has revealed that drinking water from a plastic bottle can become a serious cause of hormonal changes in pregnancy.
  • In fact, the bisphenol found in plastic bottles also suppresses hormones that control the appetite completely in the body. Due to this, the appetite of the pregnant woman is also greatly affected. This is revealed to us in a study conducted by The Androcrine Society.
  • Actually, a chemical named BPA (Bisphenol) is found in plastic bottles, which has a very adverse effect on health. Especially for pregnant women and the mental health of their unborn child, it has been described as very dangerous.
  • Researchers at the University of Ottawa, Canada have reported that the BPA found in the plastic bottle distorts the body’s balance of energy and hormones. Due to this, many unnecessary changes in the body also begin. It can even become a serious cause of obesity in the child. Even plastic bottle water can cause cancer.

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