Due to Corona epidemic, people are becoming the most victims of mental troubles


The Corona epidemic has affected people around the world. From the routine, the economy of most countries has completely deteriorated. Because of which people are seeing an atmosphere of anxiety, tension and nervousness. Many people lost their jobs due to the deteriorating economy, on the other hand some people are forced to work without money or half the money. Since last year, so many such reports have also come to the fore, Kovid-19 has affected the mental health of the people. Its direct effect is coming in the form of family tension and mental troubles. Experts say that if this crisis is prolonged, the consequences can be very fatal.

What is stress

The stress that our brain and body reacts to unusual and difficult situations is called stress. The symptoms are usually in the form of despair, restlessness, anger and nervousness. Apart from this, eating and drinking, getting up and sitting, changes in sleeping pattern, head and stomach pain, indigestion, anorexia etc. are also its main symptoms.

Major reason

– Job Loss

– To get separated from a loved one

– Forced to come out of comfort zone

– Fear of any apprehension

– No major economic-social losses

– Poor health and beauty

– Discharge more responsibilities than capabilities

Effects of stress

Stress has a profound effect on a person’s physical-mental health. Due to too much stress, immunity starts to weaken. Many times problems like nausea, vomiting, sleepiness, migraine and skin allergies also start appearing. If true. If stress is not controlled in time, then heart disease and blood. Problems such as pressure may also occur. Signs of severe illness such as dementia and Alzheimer’s may also emerge. In case of stress, if there is a habit of consuming chocolate, pastries and carbonated drinks again and again, there is a risk of weight gain.



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