Eating Amla will never cause this disease


Amla is one such excellent fruit that is known for its qualities. Today we will talk about the benefits of Amla and its health benefits. Amla is also called Amritphal in Ayurveda because it has many benefits.

  • Benefits of eating amla

diabetes– If you drink a glass of Indian gooseberry juice every day, then your sugar level will be reduced and there will be no diabetes.

Headache– If you have a headache, then grind the gooseberry and apply a paste to it, it will give you immediate relief. And by eating gooseberry jam every day, the mind of children and adults is sharpened.

itching -If you have khulji in your body, mix amla powder in coconut oil and apply. Doing this will relieve itching very soon.

Cough – If you are troubled by the problem of cough, then eating amla with honey can cure the problem of cough.

Eyesight Eating 3-4 fresh gooseberries daily brightens the eyes. Besides, eating it also relieves many eye problems.

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