(Learn about the harm caused by eating rice)



After making rice, the boiled water, called mod, is discarded. But it is very profitable. Let’s know the benefits of rice ..

It is beneficial for obese children. Diarrhea is cured by giving half cup to children and one cup to the elderly. Small children can be given small amounts.

Irritation in urine Mix sugar in half a glass of rice and drink it. Burning and obstruction will be removed.

Harmful- Rice is a very harmful substance for people who have kidney disease and stones.

Cannabis addiction This intoxication comes off the dishonor.

Constipation- Constipation is cured by eating one part rice mixed with two parts moong khichdi.

Lever- Before sunrise, clean the mouth and put a pinch of raw rice in the mouth and swallow it with water. This action is very good for strengthening the liver. Those who have taken rice in this way have benefitted.


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