Eating too many eggs can be harmful for health


Everyone knows that egg is very good for your health, it makes your body strong. Although there are many benefits of eating eggs, but do you know that if you eat more eggs then it can be dangerous for you.

These are eggs, some damage that can be heavy on you

Before eating an egg, make sure that it is cooked properly or not, because eating half-cooked egg can cause food poisoning. Not only this, eating half-cooked eggs can cause bloating, vomiting and other stomach problems.

Before buying an egg, make sure that you always buy it from a good shop, because eating it can cause many diseases.

People who consume eggs too much are at a very high risk of getting cancer. According to a research, who eats more than three eggs in a week increases the risk of prostate cancer.

Those who have high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, eating yellow part of the egg can cause heavy health damage. Because the yellow part of the egg contains a large amount of colostrol which is harmful for heart patients.

Eating too much egg can promote diseases such as paralysis, impotence, leg pain, obesity.

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