Do not consume egg bhurji, can be harmful for health



We usually eat many dishes made from eggs. But you also need to be extremely careful while eating them. Because if the egg bhurji gets stuck in your trachea, you can die of suffocation. Perhaps you will not believe it completely. But such a case has come up in England.

Death by eating egg bhurji

Let us tell you that 86-year-old Roma Barker in England was admitted to the hospital due to infection. He was undergoing treatment there. The hospital’s senior official told that she was eating egg bhurji during lunch.

Then he started coughing and his breath started to break. The doctor patted them upside down and tried to remove the trapped diet by applying a mask. But she was dead.

What to do when such an accident happens to someone

First of all, motivate the person trying to remove the cuff and clear the blockage. Tell the person whatever is inside the mouth, spit it out. Slap loudly on the person’s back. Contact a doctor immediately.

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