Exercise for complete health and beauty


A healthy brain resides in a healthy body. And healthy body gets through exercise. Regular exercise is necessary to strengthen muscles and bones. Exercise strengthens the mind as well as the body. Exercise means to move the entire body in a uniform rhythm, at a fixed time and in certain proportions, to awaken the muscles, bones and blood transport from sleep, to stimulate its functioning.

Most people are not regular about exercise. Only 2-4 percent of people are able to be regular towards exercise. Women consider housework as an exercise, while men also combine the running of the office and shop with exercise, while doing this work, the muscles of the entire body are not able to operate nor does the body become strong.

This is why people feel tired quickly. Regular exercise is necessary to keep the entire body disease-free and shapely. A person of all ages must do light-hearted exercise. Exercising hard for 4-6 days in rash and then giving up does not make the body shapely. There are some rules for exercising. like-

Exercise in ventilated place: Use a ventilated or open space to exercise where enough oxygen can be exchanged. One should exercise one by one without stopping, blood circulation keeps going smoothly from him.

Exercise Time: Remember that exercise should never exceed 30–40 minutes at a time. Keep breathing safely while exercising so that oxygen reaches the lungs in sufficient quantity.

Keep your mind focused: In the middle of the exercise, focus on the whole body and mind exercise without focusing on the other things. Exercise will not be done properly until the mind is focused.

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Instead of using expensive cosmetics to get beauty, do regular exercise to get natural beauty, it will keep your body, mind and brain healthy along with your body.


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