Summer Exercise: Exercise in summer does not harm the body, so keep these things in mind of the expert

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Problems can occur if you are negligent while exercising. There is a need to exercise safely and cautiously in this season. In fact, high-speed physical activity can increase the possibility of heat stroke, lack of water in the body and many other health problems. So while exercising during summer season keep in mind some things so that you can exercise safely in this season too.

Keep these things in mind

Advising people in this regard, Dr. Sanjay Wadhwa, Professor of AIIMS PMR Department said that a person sweats a lot as the heat increases, due to which the water and salt in the body decreases. In such a situation, they are not deficient in the body, so it is important to keep consuming more and more fluids regularly and also increase the amount of salt in food. While exercising, keep a water bottle with you and drink a small amount when you are thirsty. It is important to wear comfortable clothes while exercising, do not wear too tight clothes, cotton clothes are better. Also read: Decrease in vaccination numbers in Chennai due to lack of vaccine supply

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Do not sit in AC immediately

Exercise is also necessary in the summer season, but it should also be kept in mind that how can your health be kept right with exercise while taking care in this season. Dr. Wadhwa explains that if you do not come in and sit in AC after exercising from outside, that is, do not go to maximum or minimum temperature immediately after exercise, because sudden temperature change can cause body pain and discomfort.

So after exercising in normal temperature outside the AC or outside, relax for a while. Do not go to AC temperature until the sweat dries. Apart from this, also keep in mind that if you exercise outside and the temperature is high, too much heat can also affect health. So choose the time when the temperature is low, choose the time of morning or evening.

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