World Eye Donation Day 2021: Eye donation is a great donation, with this you can illuminate the dark world of a blind

World Eye Donation Day (Photo Credits ANI)

World Eye Donation Day 2021: World Eye Donation is celebrated every year on 10th June, to encourage people to illuminate the dark world of others. But despite all the efforts, the figures of eye donors are not very satisfactory. As far as India is concerned, if we look at the current figures of eye donation and cornea transplant here, it is surprising to know that the number of people donating eyes is less than one percent. This is the reason that more than 25 thousand people in the country are still living in the dark world. Every year 80 to 90 lakh people die in the country, but eye donation is only around 25 thousand. This day is specially celebrated so that people can fill light in the lives of people living in darkness by donating their eyes before death.

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One person can give light to 4 people

At present, one person can shine light in the dark lives of four people after death. Earlier, only two people could get cornea from both eyes, but with the advent of new technology, two corneas are being transplanted from one eye. This transplant from D Make has started in every major eye hospital in the country. The special thing in this is that after the death of a person, his entire eye is not changed. Only the illuminated black pupil is taken. The cornea can be used only for six hours after the death of the person. According to the Eye Bank Association of India, there are 25 lakh people in the country who need cornea. If they get someone’s cornea in time, then they can see the beauty of nature. Also read: World Blood Donor Day 2020: Donating blood can donate life to others, know the history and importance of this day

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What is the process of eye donation

This process is very simple, and gets completed in just 15-20 minutes. Due to the eye donation process, there is no delay in the funeral procession. Any person can donate his eye secretly, which is after his death, through a minor operation, the cornea is removed from the eye. Due to this, there is no change in the body of the dead person. The matter of eye donation is kept strictly confidential. According to eye experts, the eyes never grow old, so there is no age limit for this. An old person can also donate his eyes as per his wish. By donating your eyes, your eyes can become immortal.

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Let’s take a pledge to shine light in the dark world

To promote the biggest donation like eye donation, all the eye banks and social organizations of the country run awareness programs especially on this day across the country. By giving the eyes of a dead person to a blind person, his dark life can be brought to light. Let us take a pledge to give light to the dark world by donating our eyes while we live. You can register for eye donation by contacting your nearest hospital. Take a step forward to spread light in someone’s world.


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