(Blinking less eyelids can be harmful to health)


A healthy person blinks his eyelids about 10 times in a minute, but by working on the computer, constantly focusing on the TV or mobile screen, our eyelids blink very little, which causes a serious problem of dry eye syndrome.

Why it is important to blink the eyelids

Let me tell you that there is a special type of liquid in our eyes pupils, which acts like a lubricant. Blinking of the eyelids completely spreads in the eyes and makes our eyes look wet but working with stamps completely removes the moisture in the eyes, causing dryness of the eyes, also known as dry eye syndrome.

Symptoms of dry eye syndrome

1. Eye irritation
2. Feeling prickling
3. Eye dryness
4. Itching
5. Staying heavy
6. Redness in eyes


Let me tell you that if there is any problem in the eyes related to dry eye syndrome, the eye specialist should be checked. Those working on a computer or using a mobile or TV should periodically rest their eyes.


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