If you don’t feel hungry too, follow these easy tips


Many people complain that they do not feel hungry. If you are included in the list of such people, then by adopting these methods, you can also increase your hunger-

Consuming apple opens your appetite. This makes your blood clear. Therefore, you must include apple juice in your diet.

Eating lemon juice mixed with date sauce can also help in hunger.

Consuming cardamom seeds also opens your appetite. Boil cardamom seeds in water and drink. It will work like a tonic.

Mix one spoon ginger and carrot juice in tomato juice and mix this mixture with water and drink it. This will open your appetite.

Eating mint chutney with honey is also very beneficial.

If you want to increase your appetite, then drink a glass of water mixed with black salt, rock salt and one teaspoon of ground cumin.

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