Feet move is a bad habit, know why



If you also have a bad habit of sitting or shaking lying legs, then be careful. These can also be symptoms of restless syndrome. The main reason for this is believed to be iron deficiency.

This problem occurs in about 10 per cent of the people and these symptoms mostly occur in people above 35 years.

What is restless syndrome-

It is a disease associated with the nervous system. Due to hearing of dopamine hormone in a person, he feels very inclined to do this again and again. This problem is also called sleep disorder. The person feels very tired when sleep is not complete. Blood test is also done to check this.


This disease is caused by iron deficiency. In addition, hormonal changes in the last days of delivery in the kidney, Parkinson’s patients and pregnant women can also be caused by this. Its risk is very high in sugar, BP and heart patients.

Such treatment is possible-

Iron medicine is also taken for the treatment of this disease. When the disease is severe, other medicines are given which have to be taken two hours before bedtime. It makes the condition very normal by eliminating sleeping sickness.

Apart from this, exercise daily. Hot and cold baths also get rid of feet on vibrating pads.

Make sure to have iron-rich items like spinach, mustard greens, beets, bananas etc. in your diet. Avoid having tea and coffee at night. Stay away from TV or gadgets at bedtime.

Be sure to avoid alcohol and smoking. Take light food at night so that sleep will be very good.

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