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Bhagadur lifestyles cause a person to spoil his health, but do you know that Urine also tells a lot about your health. Urine is a natural way of extracting the waste products of the body.

Its normal color may be slightly yellow to light yellow but do you know you can know the health of your health with the color of urin. If not, today we are going to tell you about some color of urine, with the help of which you can know the secret of your health

Light yellow : The color of urin light yellow means your health is perfect and your body is functioning properly.

Yellow : When the body is not well hydrated, the color of urin changes to yellow. To avoid this, take maximum amount of fluid.

Dark yellow: Let us tell you that due to excessive use of medicines, the color of urin becomes darker. If this happens to you too, then consult your doctor once, as it can also be a liver problem.

Milky white : If the color of the urine has turned milky white, it can also be caused by urin infection or kidney stones. In such a situation, consult doctors.

Red or pink : When you eat some red food in food. Then the color of urin changes to red or pink. If you have not consumed this color substance. Even then, if the urine comes of this color, then there is a sign of blood coming from the urine.

Orange : Drugs taken to prevent urine problems can cause the urine to turn orange in color.

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Doctor’s advice required: If you are unable to understand the reason for the change in color of urin, go to your doctor and get advice. It should be treated properly.

Do keep these things in mind when starting the day

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