Fitness Tips: – Katrina Kaif reveals her fitness secret,


Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is one of the most beautiful and fit actress in the industry. Recently, Katrina Kaif has revealed the secret of her fitness in an interview.

Katrina Kaif said – It depends on what you choose. I went to dinner with my friends wearing a few days, so there were two things in front of me, Grilled Chicken and Pizza. I like pizza very much.

But I knew that in the next three days I have to do a shutdown, for this I ate chicken, this is all we have to decide what is right for us, Katrina Kaif further said one thing which is very important for all of us. And that is that we have to stop thinking all the time how are we looking?

Like Akshay Kumar often lectures me that I should be absorbed in the natural way, it is not necessary to lift the vests in the gym because this is what Akshay Kumar does.

Katrina Kaif further said that one thing always keep in mind that in this life you have got only one body, so take care of it as much as possible and eat healthy.



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