Flight delivery done thousands of feet above ground, traveling doctor helped


Today, when Dr. Shailaja Vallabhaneni thinks of that day, she is unable to believe that she has used her intelligence to deliver a child in a plane flying thousands of feet above the ground, to get delivery she has to be scissors, sanitizer , Patti was found only in India is probably the first child to open his eyes in the sky

Fetal doctor Shailaja Vallabhaneni at the Cloud Nine Hospital in Bangalore told BBC Hindi that I still do not believe that I have actually delivered a baby in a flight to Delhi Bangalore two days before. Special Basic Pregnancy Kit should be kept for such occasions in

Half an hour after take-off of the flight from Delhi, the announcement was made about the need for a doctor in the plane, Dr. Shailaja says that I went to the back of the plane thinking that maybe they need help first. That it could be a case of miscarriage because the woman was also complaining of stomach ache, Doctor Shailaja says, when I felt on the stomach of the woman that she was pregnant for 32 or 34 weeks, after that the doctor accompanied the woman to the bathroom. Go where they saw that the baby’s head has come out a little bit. I took the scissors and sterilized it with a sanitizer. After this I cut the baby’s placenta and used a bandage to cover it.

After this, the mother gave milk to the woman injected into the uterus of the woman’s uterus. Now both the mother and the baby were normal. Doctor Shailaja, who has been practicing medicine for 10 years, has previously worked on the pathologist’s woman, after that she was an embryologist Started working on

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