Follow these 3 tips and get beautiful skin



Beautiful skin is a sign of your beauty and youth. Therefore, it is very important to protect your skin from sunlight, dust and pollution. It is very important to maintain not only the facial skin but also the beauty of the entire skin of hands and body. Home remedies are very effective for good skin, but along with this, it is also very important to have a good sleep, stress-free life, good food and drink plenty of water.

Give face freshness in the morning

By giving fresh treatment to the face in the morning, a healthy glow comes on the face and then spend the whole day happy. Those who have oily skin should massage their face with light hands with ice cubes in the morning. It gives energy to the skin and also gets rid of oil. Those who have sensitive skin should mix raw milk and cucumber juice instead of ice and apply it on the face with the help of cotton. After some time wash the face with cold fresh water. This will brighten your face and make the skin soft, soft.

Apply coffee on hands

Hand skin care is also very important. For this, home-use coffee can prove to be very effective. Massage your hands by mixing olive oil or any massage oil of your choice. After massaging for some time, wash hands with lukewarm water. Due to the scrubbing properties of coffee, it will help in the formation of new skin by removing dead skin from your hands and this will make your hands shine and glow. Do this process once or twice a week.

Apply natural scrub before bath

Mix one teaspoon of sugar and four spoons of olive oil in two teaspoons of coffee and massage it all over the body before taking a bath. Apply this mixture well on fat spots and feet and dry skin. Take a shower after some time. This will make your skin soft, soft and shiny.


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