Follow these beauty tips to make your hands soft and beautiful in winter season


We raise our hands first to do every small and big task. But can we take care of our hands as much as we should? Probably not.

Hands often remain neglected and due to this it starts to look rough and ugly. Many factors may be responsible for dry and lifeless hands. Sometimes dry hands, cold weather, strong sunlight, excessive exposure to water, use of chemicals and harsh soaps also make hands useless.

Today we are going to tell you some such tricks in which you can make your hands soft with the help of kitchen ingredients. These methods are very easy and you can do it anytime.


1-2 tablespoons coffee powder

1 teaspoon desi ghee

2 tablespoons sugar

1 tomato

1/2 teaspoon lemon

These five ingredients can be used to reduce tanning, dark spots, skin dryness etc. in our hands.

First we make a scrub to soften the hands. For this, mix coffee, sugar, lemon juice in a bowl. Mix this scrub well.

Now you have to cut the tomato in half and poke it with the help of a knife and fill the mixture of this scrub. Rub this tomato on your hands. Leave it like this for 10 minutes.

This scrub will give instant brightening and softness to the hands. The dead skin on your hands will also go away and will also get rid of wrinkles of hands.



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