Follow these easy tips to clean your smartphone


In order to avoid corona virus, more emphasis is being given on cleanliness at this time, everyone is being advised to wash hands frequently.

But have you ever thought how many bacteria and viruses are calling in your hands when you touch the mobile again and again, mobile phone is such a thing without which no one wants to live and keep it in their hands at all times.

But today we are going to tell you about some tips with the help of which you can clean your smartphone well, so let’s know about these tips.

First of all you take a soft cloth, you can also use the cloth that comes with glasses. You can use 70% more isopropyl alcohol.

First of all, you switch off your smartphone and take out its cover, after that you should moisten the soft cloth with isopropyl alcohol only lightly, you do not have to wet it much, now you have to keep your smartphone from back to front with this cloth Clean it properly, then clean the mobile cover as well.


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