Follow these home remedies to avoid cough cold


In winter, everyone wants them to stay warm, and to avoid problems like cough and cold. The problem of cough cold in winter occurs to many people. To get rid of this problem, you take medicines. But today we will tell you some domestic ways by which you can get rid of the problem of cough cold.

  • Turmeric is very helpful in removing the problem of cold. Anti-viral and anti-bacterial elements are found in turmeric, mixing one teaspoon of turmeric in warm milk and drinking it provides relief in cold cold very soon.
  • Mix five to seven leaves of basil in a cup of hot water. Add a piece of ginger to it. Let it boil for some time and make its decoction. When the water remains half, then drink it slowly.
  • Consuming honey and lemon juice in winter is very beneficial for body. Taking two teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water can relieve you from the problem of cough and cold.

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