Follow these home remedies to get rid of migraine


Migraine is a serious disease of the head. The patient suffering from migraine has restless pain in the head. This pain starts happening in the morning and later this pain becomes very strong. The main reason of migraine is to work long hours, depression, cold, constipation, more mental work, feeling disturbed without any reason. Women have more migraine problems than men. Migraine causes severe head pain. Due to excess pain, the patient starts vomiting and the body starts to become inactive. Mostly it is believed that there is no cure for migraine but we can overcome the problem of migraine to a great extent by making changes in our mine and some home remedies.

Let us know some home remedies to relieve migraine –

Eat coffee – Coffee is considered helpful in relieving migraine pain. Black coffee is considered a major source of caffeine. Caffeine reduces inflammation of the blood cells of our brain. Caffeine is very beneficial for migraine sufferers. However, some people have the opposite effect due to the consumption of coffee. Therefore, do not consume large amounts of coffee or consult your doctor.

Massage – Massage is an effective recipe to reduce the pain of migraine. According to experts, if massage is done on the back of the head, then the pain of migraine is relieved. Apart from this, massage of hands, feet should also be done to increase blood circulation.

Eat ginger – Migraine pain is a feeling of nervousness and vomiting. For this, consumption of ginger is very beneficial. Ginger has antiflamerable properties which protect against symptoms causing mental trouble. Wash ginger and boil it in water. Allow this water to cool and drink it mixed with lemon and honey. This will greatly benefit the pain of migraine.

Use lavender oil – Use of lavender oil is a very effective remedy for migraine pain. Add a few drops of lavender oil to the hot water. Smelling this water will give a lot of relief in pain.

Change the diet – To get relief from the pain of migraine, you also have to change your diet. A migraine patient should not take pickles etc. The patient should use peanut butter instead of ordinary butter. Fallows like banana, apple or avocado should be consumed.

ThDrink niya tea Coriander has been used as a pain medicine for migraine since ancient times. Tea made from coriander seeds is very beneficial for migraine pain. Boil coriander seeds in water for a while and add sugar according to your taste. Drinking coriander tea can help relieve migraine pain as well as simple headaches.

Apart from this, you can also get rid of migraine by using pipermint and basil oil.

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