Follow this Ayurvedic recipe to get soft and soft lips, your lips will improve


Fashion desk. Friends, you must have often seen that many people are very hot. Let us tell you that due to today’s catering and routine, the lips turn black. Many people use beauty products to make their black lips pink and attractive, but they do not have any special effect. Friends, today we are going to tell you about the Ayurvedic tips for making lips pink and soft, so that you can make your lips attractive.To get attractive and pink lips, first of all, take coconut oil, vitamin E capsules and 5 rose leaves and heat the oil in hot water. Tell that in this hot oil, put rose leaves and after some time you can add few drops of essential oil of rose. Now let the rose leaves remain in the oil for some time. After that, remove the leaves from the oil. Friends, mix the capsules of vitamin E in this oil and mix it well and keep it in the fridge. To get soft and soft lips, apply this lip mask on your lips before sleeping. Let us tell you that after about 1 week your lips will become soft and soft with this desi recipe.


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