Do not eat these fried things with food, it can affect health


Now-a-days you will be seen selling papad and chips with different tastes and colors in the market. Often people like to eat a roasted papad or fried papad along with their food, which can be very harmful for health.

Even spicy papad is served as a cocktail snack. But do you know how bad these papads are for our health, let us know…

Papad can increase obesity – two papads are like a roti. If you do not want to increase Kailari, then never make a mistake of eating papad. 13 grams of papad contains 35-40 calories, sodium – 226 mg and carbohydrate 7.8 grams.

Use of preservatives – To keep papad fresh for a long time, papad making factories add preservatives etc. Also, sodium salt called saji is mixed with salt, which enhances its taste. It can also cause high BP along with salt heart and kidney disease.

Acidity problem- Artificial flavor and spices are often added to shop-bought papads, which are not only bad for the stomach, but also cause acidity on eating more.

Fried papads are even more deadly: Fried papads have high oil and fat. According to research, it has been found that fry and fried papad increases the amount of acrylamide, a toxin, also known as carcinogin. This can cause problems like restlessness, nervousness and mood swings. But papad cooked in microwave can never harm your health.

How Papad is made: The factories that make papad are never clean. They are made by hand and then they are kept in an open place in the sun for drying, where dusty soil keeps pouring into them.

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