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Most people associate beauty with whiteness, so everyone wants to look glowing. But the use of expensive creams and cosmetics can damage the skin. These 10 home remedies are very effective to avoid this and get the skin glowing.

1. Almond remedy proves very effective to improve the complexion. It is found in plenty of vitamin E, which provides nutrients with brightening of the skin. Grind it with milk and apply it on the face for half an hour, the skin becomes shiny.

2. The main reason for skin tone fall is the high number of melanin, so applying sandalwood paste is beneficial to reduce it. To apply it, mix two tablespoons of rose water in a tablespoon of sandalwood powder and make a mixture. Now apply it and leave it for 15 minutes. After that wash face with cold water. Do this process for three to four weeks.

3. To reduce melanin by adding a little rose water to a spoon of turmeric to get a fair complexion, applying a paste on it removes stains. It also ends blackness and freckles.

4. To improve the complexion, apply two tablespoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey in one tablespoon of cucumber juice and clean the face. If you want to make it more, you can also apply it on the whole body. You have to do this process every two to three days.

5. There are abundant anti-oxidants and vitamins in tomatoes. Therefore, applying its juice on the face and body for 20 minutes provides nourishment to the skin. It also works to polish the body.

6. Honey and cream remedy is very effective for reducing melanin and eradicating the effect of age. To apply it, clean the face thoroughly. Now mix one teaspoon of honey into one teaspoon of cream. After this, leave it on your face for half an hour. Now massage and release. In the last, wash your mouth with lukewarm water.

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7. Raw milk is also very beneficial in improving complexion. To apply it, clean the face and the entire body with milk. Do this process twice a day. It removes the dirt hidden in the knuckles of the skin and makes the skin shiny.

8. The excess of melanin makes the complexion darker. A mixture of gram flour and tomato juice is very beneficial to reduce it. To use it, mix both and make a paste. Now apply on clean face and hands and feet. Leave it for half an hour. Now wash with normal water.

9. Chironji also proves very useful for achieving blondness. Soak one to two teaspoons of chironji for its use. Now grind it with light milk when it swells. Now apply this paste on the affected area every morning and evening. Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. After this wash with normal water.

10. Vitamin C is very important for the skin. Therefore, applying orange juice in tomato juice to the skin also enhances complexion. Apart from this, you can apply orange peel powder mixed with honey and rose water. This will also increase the skin’s skin.


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