Get relief from hand and foot pain without medicine


Cold and cold often cause pain in the extremities. To get rid of this pain, we eat pen killer medicine. This medicine gives relief from pain, but do you know that excessive intake of pen killer affects the kidneys. Today we will tell you how you can get rid of hand and foot pain without medicine.

  • If there is any joint pain in the hands, feet or body, massage the clove oil. Massaging relaxes muscles and relieves pain.
  • Ice therapy is very beneficial for pain and inflammation. Massage the sore and inflamed area by filling ice in a plastic bag. Doing this for 10 minutes will give you relief from pain and swelling.
  • If you have pain in hands and feet, fill a bucket of tolerant hot water, add 2-3 spoons of rock salt to it and sit 10 feet in this water.

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