Get rid of baldness in this way, make hair black and thick by adopting this remedy


Get rid of baldness, make hair by adopting this remedy. Dark and thick hair loss has become a common problem in the present time. Every person wants his hair to look black and thick. In recent times, this problem has become most common among the youth. Everyone is worried about premature hair loss. Hair loss can also be genetics, but it also has a relationship with our food and drink. According to a survey, 80% of the people suffer from this disease, although hair loss also depends on hormones.

Let’s know about some home remedies that we can get rid of baldness

Curd and Gram Flour

To make it, take five to six teaspoons of curd, 4 teaspoons gram flour and mix it. Now apply this pack in your hair before bathing and wash it after half an hour. Use this pack only 2 days a week. In days you can get rid of baldness.

Egg and olive oil

To make this pack, turn the egg and extract its juice and add two teaspoons of olive oil to it. Now apply this pack in your hair half an hour before bathing and let it dry. After that wash your hair with shampoo Take this pack should be used 3 days a week. Regular use of this pack will make your hair grow very quickly.

Amla and lemon juice

To make it, mix equal amount of amla and lemon juice. Now apply it to your hair like a shampoo before bathing and wash it after 10 minutes. It strengthens hair roots and prevents hair fall. .

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