Good news: – Uttarakhand government is giving money to roam


Every year lakhs of tourists come to visit Uttarakhand, but this time the tourism sector has suffered a lot due to Corona virus.

In such a way, the Uttarakhand government has prepared a special plan to woo the tourists, under which people will be given an incentive coupon of Rs 1000.

Along with this, some other facilities will also go, but for this they will have to register first Uttarakhand’s Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj said that a special discount coupon will be given to motivate tourists to come in more numbers.

This offer will be available to those tourists who book online a 3-day stay in hotels in Uttarakhand.To take this coupon, you have to register yourself on the official portal Smart City website under the tourist category in a hotel or homestay in the tourist places of the state. You will be able to use coupons during your stay, this scheme is named Voucher Scheme.



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