Buddha Purnima 2021: Great Poetry of Buddha Purnima!  Learn the divine story of becoming Lord Buddha from Siddhartha!

Buddha Purnima 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Buddha Jayanti (2121) is being celebrated on the full moon day of Vaishakh month as usual this year .. It is believed that Lord Buddha was born as Siddhartha on this date, attained enlightenment on this date, Called God and on this date, he also renounced his body. Around 180 crore of his followers across the world celebrate this day with great pomp. According to the English calendar, this year this festival is being celebrated on 25th May i.e. today. Also read: Buddha Purnima 2021 Messages: Happy Buddha Purnima! Share these great Hindi WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Greetings, Quotes and GIF Images with your loved ones

Great Purnima of Buddha Purnima!

When Mahatma Buddha came to know about violence, sin and death in his life, then he left the family and family and relieved of all responsibilities and left in the pursuit of truth. It was only after this that he came to know the truth. The date of Vaishakh Purnima has a special connection with the major events of the life of Lord Buddha, so in Buddhism every Vaishakh Purnima is celebrated as Buddha Purnima. It is also believed that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Buddha in the ninth incarnation.

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Siddhartha aka Buddha’s Childhood

According to historical evidence, when Maharani Mahamaya Devi, the wife of King Shuddhodhana of Kapilavastu, was going to her maternal grandfather Devdah, Mahamaya gave birth to a son, named Siddhartha, in the forest of Lumbini near Kapilavastu. It is a matter of 563 BC. At that time Kapilvastu was the capital of Shakya Mahajanapada. The mother died only 7 days after Siddharth’s birth. He was brought up by Prajapati Gautami, the second wife of Shuddhodhan. Siddhartha received the education of Vedas, Upanishads, and Rajkajas and war lore from Guru Vishwamitra. It is said that no one could match him in wrestling, horse riding and arrow command. Siddhartha could not see anyone’s suffering from childhood. It is said that on the battlefield, when he saw the foam coming out of the horses’ mouth, he used to allow him to rest as he was tired. In this way, sometimes he lost the winning bet. Also read: Buddha Purnima Greetings 2021: Send these Hindi greetings on Buddha Purnima through WhatsApp, Facebook Status and best wishes

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Even the happiness of divine palaces could not stop him from retiring.

At the age of 16, Siddharth was married to Yashodhara, the daughter of Dandapani Shakya. After Siddharth’s marriage, Shuddhodhana had built three palaces for him, keeping in mind Siddharth’s comforts, where three seasons can be enjoyed at the same time. But after the birth of Siddharth and Yashodhara’s son Rahul, Siddharth felt that in this way he would be bound in worldly bonds. One night, he left the house without telling anyone and left for the forest.

In this way Siddhartha should become Lord Buddha!

After leaving the palace, Siddharth became engrossed in severe penance by sitting under a peepal tree in the forest. After continuous hard penance for 6 years, on the day of Vaishakh Purnima, he attained true realization i.e. knowledge and since then he has been called Buddha. After attaining enlightenment, Lord Buddha kept contemplating the nature of religion by remaining engaged in cultivation under the same Bodhi tree for 4 weeks. After the attainment of enlightenment, Lord Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath near Varanasi. After that, those countries went out on a trip abroad to preach religion. In 483 BCE, on the day of Vaishakh Purnima, Lord Buddha merged with the five elements. This day is also called Parinirvana Day.

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