Hair care: do this yoga to prevent hair fall


Fashion desk. Friends, the treatment of every disease is hidden in Yogasan. We will tell you that through Yogasan we can remove any deficiency and disease of our body in a few days. Friends, some such postures have also been mentioned in Yogasan, through which our hair can be stopped easily and we can increase their growth. Today we are going to tell you about one such posture, with the help of which we can increase the growth of our hair by stopping the falling hair. Friends, the name of this posture is Adhomukh Asana. For information, let us tell you that for healthy and long hair, it is very important to have blood circulation in the body. Explain that with this posture, the blood of our entire body is well circulated from our head to the legs, due to which the problem of hair breakage and loss starts to increase as well as growth of our hair.


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