Hair Care Tips: Hina Khan’s home recipe adopted to make hair beautiful and strong


Renowned TV actress Hina Khan has been in the news for her beauty and style, recently Hina Khan has shared the secrets of her beautiful hair, so let’s know how Hina Khan takes care of her hair.

Hina Khan gets her hair trimmed, Hina Khan gets her hair trimmed after every 2 months, this does not make their hair split and the hair length increases.

Hina Khan does deep oil massage once every week. She applies olive oil to hair. Olive oil contains nutrients like vitamin E, palmitic acid, oleic acid, squalene and terpen. It gives proper nutrition to hair.

Hina Khan washes her hair with lemon water. You add lemon juice to the shampoo and wash the hair, it will shine in the hair.

Hina Khan takes a hair spa at home every 15 days. Hina Khan puts eggs and yogurt mixture in the hair at home, this has a good effect on both hair growth and texture.


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