Hair Tips: Follow some tips to keep hair strong and healthy, which will remove hair problems


Often hair becomes weak due to use of dust, sunlight, pollution, strong chemical, due to which hair loss etc. becomes a problem, to get rid of such problems of hair, we will tell you some home remedies today from these problems. Will get rid

Hair should not be washed with hot water and should not be rubbed or wiped. Soft towel should be used to dry hair.

To brush hair, use a wide toothed brush or comb. Do not comb in wet hair

To keep hair beautiful and shiny, fat and protein should be added to the food.

Never apply rubber to wet hair and do not apply roller in the hair at night, due to this, hair gets tangled and breaks.

Massage the hair with lemon juice in mustard or olive oil, then wash the hair

To make hair soft and silky, apply honey and wash it with lukewarm water.

Use mehndi and amla to give a natural glow to hair

To make hair soft, wash it with lukewarm water by applying sour curd


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