Hair Tips: These 5 home remedies by Javed Habib are a boon for falling hair, you too should try


The problem of hair loss occurs in every season, but in the changing season, most of the women are upset with this problem and are looking for ways to avoid it. If you are also troubled by this problem then by adopting these measures, stop hair loss. Might

Let’s first know about the causes of hair loss, genetics, aging, nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, hair styling products, lack of sleep, thyroid, excessive use of dye, etc. Can be

Know the ways to prevent hair loss:

Shampooing is very important to keep the hair clean, but understanding the type of your scalp and choosing the right shampoo is more important than that. Apart from this, you need to wash your hair based on your scalp. It works wonders for hair lock, it repairs damage of the hair and also helps to keep them smooth.

Rigid hair treatment such as straightening, pumping and coloring definitely damage the hair. Treatment should always be done under professional guidance.

Blow Tria Try to avoid any other thermal style. Always use heat protector to avoid damage.

Avoid using too much chemical-rich product on your hair as it can be very harmful for your hair.


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