Ramazan Eid 2021: Happy Eid Thousand!  Learn why this festival is celebrated!

Eid Mubarak 2021 (Photo Credits: File Image)

Eid festival has come,

Have brought happiness with you

God has glorified the world,

Look, the festival of Eid has come again

‘Happy Eid!’ What do people generally understand this festival? Public Holly Day! Eat delicious in good restaurants, watch movies full of entertainment, walk around the fair and take home the tastes of the Savoys with Biryani at home, call people Happy Eid Most people see and know Eid in this way. But why celebrate Eid? After all, what is the significance of this festival? Today we will talk about the story behind it…

Why are Roses kept?

The whole month of Eid and the previous Ramadan is considered very pak in the religion of Islam. In fact, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar has been dedicated to Ramadan. In the context of the month of Ramadan, it is believed that in 610 (AD) about 1400 years ago, Lailat-al-Kadra, also known as ‘Night of Power’, on this day, Allah gave Prophet Mohammad the knowledge of the Holy Quran. It was given, that is why fasts are kept for the whole month of Holy Ramadan.

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What is roja motif

Rosa means to keep waterless fast from sunrise to sunset. The Namaz is recited after the Sahari dinner at the scheduled time in the morning by the mosque and the fast starts. Iftar is done by sitting in a group after evening i.e. sunset, with it the Rosa opens. During Rosa, any type of evil deeds, fighting, quarrels, alcohol, cigarettes or tobacco, violence etc. are avoided. At this time, an attempt is made to bring the knowledge of the Holy Quran deeply into your life.

There is purification of body, mind and wealth

Keeping the fast, we feel that we have got so much. Feeling without eating for some time also makes us feel sympathetic towards those people, who are able to fill their own and their family’s stomach with great difficulty. We also feel gratitude, how much Allah has given us. With this feeling of gratitude, this month we give a part of our earnings to the poor for charity or for service work. In Islam it is called ‘Zakat’. It is believed that by donating, purification of wealth is done, and seeing it daily also purifies our mind and body. Also read: Chand Raat Mubarak 2021 Messages: Greet your loved ones through these great Hindi WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Greetings on Eid moon moon

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We consume all such things throughout the year, like pizza, burgers, donuts etc. They are not very good for our health, due to this, toxin is collected in our body. By keeping fast, our body becomes redox and purified, and our health gets better. It also calms our mind.

Ramadan is a symbol of worship and brotherhood

This is the culinary month of Ramadan, your worship in Allah. To increase our inner patience and brotherhood. The month of Ramadan is completed after seeing the moon of Eid. After this, this festival is celebrated in the name of Eid-ul-Fitr. Through this festival, we give the message of brotherhood all over the world. Sweet sweets are specially made on this day, that is why it is also called ‘sweet Eid’.

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