Health Benefits Moringa Leaves: Drumstick is famous as ‘Superfood’, this dangerous disease is cured by its leaves.


You must have heard the name of drumstick many times, it is full of many essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins as well as its leaves are also effective for these dangerous diseases.

Drumstick leaves can cure a disease like cancer, it contains a substance called niazimicin which does not allow cancer cells to grow.

Many problems associated with the stomach can be cured by the drumstick leaves, it has antibiotic and antibacterial properties.

Calcium and phosphorus are also found in plenty in these leaves which make bones strong.

Drumstick leaves are also very beneficial for sugar patients, they reduce the amount of sugar and protein in glucose and urin in your blood, juice of its leaves can also be made, in addition to drying and making powder, you can use it.


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